more than men in tights…

Results from the weekend

The full results are in from the Yateley Windsor, I came 18th….I rock…well, closer to rocking than I did a few weeks ago 😀



The results are in for the Windsor @ Windsor. I was not dead last! My score was also adjusted as the person doing the scoring added it up wrong.

A small but confidence boosting step. No shooting tomorrow, but Friday, weather permitting and Saturday ditto.

That’s all for now…

I found it’s not the arrow but my incompetence

Yesterday I found one of my arrows was regularly landing way to the right of the point of aim and the fall of the other arrows shot. I made an assumption that it was the arrow and not me. Having replaced the arrow with another from my case I found it stopped.

straightenerThis evening while the n00bs were having their tuition I put my shaft in the club straightener and checked for it being out of true. Fortunately I found that the shaft is as straight as the day it was bought. Next I will have to check the fletches and replace the nock.

That’s good news as I only have nine arrows/shafts and can’t afford replacements.

I will leave it until after the weekend, I have enough for the time being. I will have time after that to check them all out.

I have the entry form for another competition in late July, this time the Crowthorne Archers double Long National. I have only shot this distance a few times before, not with any great success, but that will come with practice.

Enough about that, I have a Windsor to concentrate on and two, maybe three practice sessions with which to prepare. Starting tomorrow. One of those sessions falls on the evening of the next England world cup game. I have to decide which is more important to me. Something I cannot help, or something I may be able to achieve.