more than men in tights…

Got ink?

Today I got myself a tattoo…it’s something I’ve considered a few times over the years. When a mate started talking about getting one and asking me if I’d ever get one my response was “I don’t think there’s anything I could see myself getting as my interests change too often”.

My only abiding passions are football and archery. He suggested something along those lines and pointed me at a photo of someone’s ankle with (what looks like) the easton archery archer logo. So out of boredom over a few evenings I looked into designs and came up with a few that I liked.

Then come the other two reasons for not getting one in the past. I have a low pain threshold – useful information if you ever need to torture me, and I also suffer from psoriasis and I wasn’t sure how it would affect things. A visit to a local Tattoo Palace gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions, get an idea of cost and generally get the feel of the place.

This morning I went back armed with a little of the money from my fleabay sales and purchased myself some pain.


Well, there it is, my tattoo, it measures approx 4″ square and is placed on my upper arm so that it doesn’t causes issues at work.

OK….I exect someone to tell me that the shooter has terrible form as it appears his head is tilted down towards his chest. He does however resemble me in that respect.

Today I have mostly been composing

Blog posts in my head about how hard it’s going to be to continue shooting without my car now that it’s failed the MOT.

Just took a call from the place…it passed.

Paint me purple and call me Shirley…it needs no work done on it….thank farg for that, as I have no bloody money.

Full steam ahead for the S.S. Archery.

What have I done?

Today I was reminded that the Club Championship (outdoor) is this Sunday.

I have agreed to shoot a Hereford round (6doz @80yds, 4doz @60yds & 2doz @50yds). The one and only time I shot 12 dozen in a day was the last time I shot the club champs. I came dead last that day. If I recall I barely shot a 3rd class score, below par…I hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Having said that, I will just be pleased to get through the 12 dozen, especially if the day is as hot as it has been of late.

No doubt I’ll bore you with the details later in the week…