more than men in tights…

It’s that time of year again…

When I pick up my bow and take to the shooting line to display my mediocrity.


Maybe I should shoot all year round…

Another n00b night, another stack of arrows repaired…and a decision made – sorta

Last but one n00b night of the year, 11 down, one to go! HURRAH!

While inhaling fumes, from both the glue and the isopropyl alcohol used for cleaning/degreasing I had a chat with one of the bods with regards to my issues with tuning.

breakoff2The way I see it with my arrows being too stiff I essentially have two options – whilst retaining the same shafts. I can increase the poundage on my fingers or I can increase the pile weight. As I have only recently increased the bow weight from 30-32# to 36-37# I don’t want to increase it again for the time being. My arrows currently have 100gr ACE piles installed, I could increase this to 120gr to see if any difference is made.

And guess what..because all my arrow repair stuff is at the club, so is my mini blowtorch and hotmelt glue…my arrows are here…I thought to myself “the last thing I must do is forget to take them” and sure enough, the last thing I did was forget to take them.

After I’d finished the stack of club arrows that needed ‘maintenance’, I at last got round to using my jigs to refletch the 660 Navs that I had returned to me the other week. On went some neon green and white shield cut vanes (I like shield cut – I have no evidence they are better or worse..I just like them).


The idea being that I will try these as an alternative (29.5″ Nav 660’s with 80gr piles) as an alternative to the current ones (29″ Nav 610’s with 100gr piles)to see if they are closer to a match. The only drawback is that if they are, I only own 4. Which aren’t enough. But another 4 will be cheaper than a full set. There is a slight problem of course in that Navigators are no longer available. They have been replaced by ACGs, I need to find out if ACGs are simply rebranded Navs or if they have been redesigned from the ground up. I will find out later…someone on AIUK is bound to know.

If these prove to be a better match I will need to decide what to do next…I can’t afford a full set, I don’t really want to up the weight on my fingers just yet and I’m unsure about increasing the pile weight.

Any suggestions dear readers?

n00b night..

Last night saw the start of the final n00b course of the year…four weeks of repairing arrows ahead. When I arrived there were three sets of arrows that were incomplete, with either missing or damaged fletches, damaged nocks, missing piles or bent. By the end of the night I had repaired 11 sets. So much for having the time to refletch three of my own arrows.

Still it keeps me off the streets.

Yesterday I received back a set of four arrows that I had lent someone to try. I bought them as a trial, wasn’t sure, lent them to a friend, that was three or four years ago. I will need to refletch them as they have a quite unpleasant tiger stripe pattern on the fletches. I will replace them with a quite unpleasant cowspot pattern instead.

In other news, as of this weekend the field will be available on Saturdays from 10am rather than 2pm for the duration of the school holidays. Which is a bonus, it means I may be able to comfortably get one of the longer rounds in.