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Setting up my bow part 2

Tonight I shot at 20yds, into (and through on several occasions) a soft boss. The reason for this was to allow me to extract my arrows from the tougher parts without too much trouble. For tonight I was continuing my process of sorting out my bow (see this post for part 1).

The first thing I needed to do was to try and sort out the fact that my arrows are overspined. My starting point was to put one turn on the limb bolts. I shot a couple of ends and found them still overspined so off came the string, one more turn was put on the bolts and then the bow was restrung. By now I was holding about 37/38# at full draw.

The arrows were still a little overspined, but as Marcus is not here to tell me not to do this, I adjusted the spring pressure on my button to compensate. The bareshafts were still impacting high, so the nocking point was adjusted twice, the second being just as everyone was packing up, so I will not be able to judge until Friday.

As I said, I was shooting at 20yds, 9 arrows at a time, 7 fletched, 2 bareshafts, by the end of the evening I was shooting 6 fletched as on my umpteenth attempt at burying my arrows up to the nock finally loosened a fletch. I found that I was getting two distinct groups towards the end of the evening, the first three would go straight in the gold, the second three would impact a couple of inches to the left at the same height.

After a couple of ends of this I examined the way I was shooting and found that I was reverting back to my old method of getting through the clicker. This was by pulling the string round the side of my nose. So I moved the clicker forward about 1/4″, this worked for a few ends and then it occurred again. I think this is a tiredness thing. My clicker positions (one for carbons, one for my slightly longer allys) are marked on the extension plate, I will move it back to its original position on Friday and shoot fewer arrows per end until I am used to the weight.

Once used to drawing and holding the weight I will properly tune the button and make final adjustments to pull the bareshafts into the group, either by slight adjustment of draw weight or by increasing pile weight – my least favoured solution as it costs money, and I can rarely buy just one thing…I’ll get something else ‘ to make the order worthwhile’ and end up spending £100.

My back is moaning at me now, but I’m used to ignoring complaints. I am happy just to be shooting. In a ploy to stop myself tinkering again and again rather than shooting the bow, I have removed all my archery tools from the car and put them in the garage rather than the flat. This way it won’t be quite so tempting to pull it all apart between sessions.

Hurry up Friday, get here! I want to shoot some more…

well, it seems I was right….

A couple of months ago I posted regarding a forum I am a member of. Over time I thought maybe I was wrong but didn’t want to find out for sure.

Tonight I tried to access the forum from home and was presented with


So I’m not paranoid….that is one thing I don’t suffer from….ah well, fuck’em

I rec’d two emails this morning


To tell me that I have spaces on the line at both the Harlequin Diana and the Yateley Windsor….now all it needs is a working car to get me there.

One thing at a time.

Oh..and practice.

Practice might help….but first car….