more than men in tights…


I went shooting taking only my quiver, bracer, sling and tab out of the car. My back ached a little after a day which found me moving and building desks but I HAD to shoot.

Tonight I used a 28# club bow, as simple as it gets, a wooden riser, wood/glass limbs, cheap sight and a stick on rest. A set of immensely long club alloys filled my quiver to be my projectiles for the night.

Two of my first six ended up on the grass, passing to the right, hardly surprising as I’d just pulled it off the rack, strung it and walked up to the line and started shooting at 30yds. Those were the only two that missed, over time I was starting to group them. Without the shakes introduced by a bow that I struggled to draw, hold and keep on target, I found myself enjoying it more. The simplicity of the set up allowed me to concentrate on shooting, there was nothing to adjust but the sight, just me and a glorified stick.

I must have shot 4 dozen, maybe more, not as many as I’d hoped for, but more than I managed last week and more comfortably. Next time I’ll shoot the same bow, I’ll do so for several sessions, then up the limb weight, maybe add a longrod.

In time I’ll be able to use my own bows without struggling, without beating myself up thinking I should do better or feel like I’m wasting my time.

Right, time to do other things, all being well I’ll throw some down the field on Sunday….

That wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped…

A bloody hot evening tonight, it was 106F when I left the flat. I arrived at the field with the intention of shooting a few ends at 80yds, then a few at 60yds – OK, I admit it, I was going to finish the Hereford I started on Sunday. Things conspired against me :(

As we were collecting after the second end someone we didn’t recognise arrived at the field. I went over and said hi, he asked if it was too late to join the club night. It transpired he was one of the new members from the last n00b course. So I kitted him out with a bow, stand, arrows, bracer etc etc and escorted him back to the line where I double checked with the Treasurer that he’d paid up etc. We had two there tonight from that course. Next came the handing out of shooting guidelines and signing a copy to our records. We seem to have converted a fair number of n00bs into members this year, we just have to see how many of these we still have in 2yrs time.

Anyway…back to shooting at last.

I shot 1 1/2 dozen at 80yds, missing once, wide left, putting two into the white at 9 o’clock. I noted that it was in all cases arrow 1, so this was removed from service…then I moved to 60 yds and did exactly the same, wide left, one every end.

So boys and girls, it’s not the arrow, it’s me that’s crap. Probably not helped by the facts laid out in a previous post. I grabbed the toolbox from the car as I have some 5/16 washers in there..but the damned things compressed as I tightened the button.

There’s nothing for it…I must buy the nut..what else should I buy ‘to make it worth it’? Suggestions? The only place I know that stocks them is Alternative and as I kinda need it in a hurry I should go there.

The last time I put one wide it took 30 minutes to find, so that was it for the evening.

I could have and should have moved over to the 20yd noob bosses and thrown some at them, if only to improve my somewhat morose mood.

Still, tomorrow is another day….and even shooting badly is better than not shooting.

What have I done?

Today I was reminded that the Club Championship (outdoor) is this Sunday.

I have agreed to shoot a Hereford round (6doz @80yds, 4doz @60yds & 2doz @50yds). The one and only time I shot 12 dozen in a day was the last time I shot the club champs. I came dead last that day. If I recall I barely shot a 3rd class score, below par…I hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Having said that, I will just be pleased to get through the 12 dozen, especially if the day is as hot as it has been of late.

No doubt I’ll bore you with the details later in the week…