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Another bow down…

This evening I got another of my bows out of my life…I liked it, I’d even go so far as to say I loved it, but needs must. I hadn’t shot it in ages until the day I took it to the club for someone to look at – then everyone had a play, trying to be macho and drawing/holding a 50# bow. I need the money, specifically for repairs on my car…I can’t shoot without it, so it’s going to a good cause as opposed to beer or more archery gear.

If I find myself in a more affluent position AND I still miss it, then maybe I’ll buy another. But for now, it’s £90 in my pocket, not as much as I’d have liked for the bow & 30 unused shafts, piles and nocks but it’s better than sitting on top of the wardrobe gathering dust.

I still have stuff on eBay which promises to bring in more…so hooray!

Friday night, on the line, shouldn’t I be in a pub garden somewhere?

Another glorious night for shooting and I rocked up at the field in time to miss the bulk of the setting up process #WIN.

horsebowI took along my horsebow for someone to play with as he’d expressed an interest in seeing it. This caused much fun amongst many present, with most of the guys giving it a go. I think part of this was down to the fact that it has a 50# draw weight – a kind of macho “RAAAAAARRR look at me” thing. We discovered that it has more than enough speed to propel one of the arrows I took along in excess of 100yds. Colin even took the opportunity to shoot my arrows out of his longbow and when he exclaimed “they fly well out” I retorted “that’s because I know how to build arrows”…..OK…a tad mean, but hey..jolly banter and all that.

Anyway, while they were playing with that, I pulled out my recurve and shot at 60yds for a while. It’s still bloody hard work, but I am slowly getting used to it/the strength back. I didn’t keep a record of my results as I wasn’t shooting a round, just shooting.

I guess I got somewhere in the region of 5 dozen down, some at 60, some at 50yds – those I was shooting with were shooting a round, so I complied with their needs as I was just shooting for the sake of shooting.

Rest01Since my rest broke the other day and I fitted my spare, I’ve been toying with the idea of trying a stick-on rest rather than a wrap-around. The one I particularly want to try is the Beiter rest. Until yesterday this was just a thing in the back of my mind, maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but yesterday when sorting some stuff I came across my Beiter button. I bought this some time ago from the wonderful people at Aardvark. Since it arrived, it has been screwed into my spare riser once. I now keep thinking about installing it on my bow. I also keep telling myself that I have a button (more or less) set up, I really should keep shooting with it, at least until I get to the point where I am ready to tune my bow/button properly.

Blah, Blah, I have digressed a little….shooting…yes, I was shooting, I shot, I am still enjoying it even though the only day I haven’t shot/been up the club is Thursday.

I am in danger of becoming a bore, it’s all I seem to think about, many of my conversations turn to the subject and I know that few of the people I am in contact with are really interested in it. Still, it’s my life and for the moment I’m enjoying it.

I guess I ought to upload this now…but my last point for tonight, I have decided I will be selling my horsebow, I’ll put up an ad in the club shed..I might get a taker.

Another one in the post

I have just now posted off another competition entry form.

July 25th, a Double Long National at Crowthorne Archers. £9 well spent I think.

I will be playing at a distance I haven’t shot in Four years, 80yds…a long way…but I’m not competing with others, just myself.

Enough of that for now, tomorrow is what I need to concentrate on.