more than men in tights…

One less bow to suck with

I have finally shifted the bow I’ve tried to sell, succeeded in selling and then had to refund the buyer on because he can’t read ALL of a listing on eBay. I will be saying goodbye to it tomorrow. To be honest, good riddance, if I intend to get to a reasonable level with my recurve I need to remove some of the distractions I have, bows/archery and otherwise.

I have said in the past that if my shooting doesn’t reach a reasonable level by tonight I will withdraw from the competition I have entered for the coming weekend, the Green Dragon Bowmen 500, well, all of you at Green Dragon can rest easy…I’ve cancelled my entry.

I’m not in the right frame of mind to contemplate scoring, let alone shooting in competition.

That’s three years in a row…maybe I should take up something less with less pressure on myself, like crochet.

Instead I will go to the club frostbite and see how badly I suck shooting fat arrows with big feathers outside in the wind and rain, where my fellow club members can continue to laugh at my expense. At least it will only be 3 dozen and will be over by midday, then I can go home and lick my wounds for a bit before visiting my parents.

Still, on the plus side, I’m not dead.

It's been a while…hasn't it?

Well, having not touched this blog in a year-ish, about the same amount of time since I last shot.

In the last couple of  weeks I have shot 3 times, and now, I have entered a competition…on 9 Nov. I will be shooting a Portsmouth at the Green Dragon Bowmen 500. Between then and now, I may have the opportunity to shoot 6 or 7 practice rounds/sessions.

I don’t have huge expectations, but I will have fun. There will be a few old (and odd) friends there, it’ll be a chance to catch up, shoot badly and giggle at myself.


This week I will mostly be shooting X7’s … very pretty ones….