more than men in tights…

OK…so doing reps isn’t enough

So..Saturday saw me and a chum heading down to Quicks for the afternoon. My objective was to resist temptation and to shoot, his was to give in to temptation and to shoot. To those ends we were both successful.

To a degree.

I hung about for a bit as he started piling stuff on the counter he wanted bolted to his bow, then went to shoot some. The first few arrows were kinda all over the place, apparently spending so long together in a tube had made them want a bit of time apart. Over a few ends they started coming together again and my last end consisted of one arrow that was so averse to the gold it missed the boss entirely and buried itself in the wood frame.

Despite being able to pull off six dozen reps the other evening, the most I could do without horrible shakes was three, I guess holding at full draw takes it out of me more than I expected, either than that or I’m using the wrong muscles to hold there. Or both of course.

When I’d given up, not wanting to destroy the few arrows I have, I borrowed a bow scale from the shop – I’d left mine at home, along with all my other tinkering stuff, to weight my holding weight….39 and a bit pounds…no wonder it hurt….

On the subject of restraint, I bought myself some nocking points (for the new strings) and a spare arrow rest…..see…I was a good boy!

Last orders at the last chance saloon

Tonight was the last chance to get some sightmarks for adjusted nocking points before the shoot on Sunday. The weather has been changeable all day, cloudy, sunny, cloudy with light rain and then sunny as I walked home with my two favourite babes.

I got to the field at 6.20, set up and started shooting 40yds. Put down 4 dozen or so and got a pretty mixed bunch, rarely put one in the blue, but considering how I was doing at 50 the other evening I had hoped for better.

windsor-castleOn moving to 60 to get a mark I took my old one and raised the sight…All were high…adjusted again, two gold 3 reds and a miss – I flinched. Another dozen and that was it…shot myself to a standstill…

Now I am ready, well as ready as I’ll ever be for Sunday, shooting in the shadow of Windsor Castle for what may be the last time. This competition is threatened. The ground it is to take place on is due to be turned into a car park.