more than men in tights…

Hurrah….my first sale..

I sold my trad arrows….to the guy who shot them on Friday….so that’s some money in….which is something towards the boss I so desperately want.

Thanks for listening.


The results are in for the Windsor @ Windsor. I was not dead last! My score was also adjusted as the person doing the scoring added it up wrong.

A small but confidence boosting step. No shooting tomorrow, but Friday, weather permitting and Saturday ditto.

That’s all for now…

Any suggestions gratefully accepted…..

On Friday I shot, I shot poorly, I would go so far as to say I was utter shit.

Tonight I shot, I wasn’t great, but it was a whole hell of a lot better than Friday. With a few exceptions of course (this is me!).

On Friday night I shot at a local school, the same local school I shot in tonight. The only differences being that on Friday I shot with my club, tonight it was with South Oxon AC, on Friday the lighting was better due to us using four work lamps to illuminate the targets and there were fewer people shooting.

Oh yes…and tonight I hadn’t eaten since 11am Sunday – with the exception of one Cadburys miniroll Sunday afternoon and only got 3-4 hours sleep Sunday night.

The venue was the same, the lighting was poorer and I hadn’t eaten in 32 hours.

I found it easier to concentrate on what I was doing, focus on the pile passing through the clicker and releasing. I still need to learn to come down when things aren’t quite right, I did a few times, but not often enough; This was reflected in the number of poor shots.

That said, with the exception of a few, most of the poor shots were spread horizontally, rather than vertically as they were a few weeks ago, last year and the years before that.

With about 3 dozen down, I was starting to get very tired, I started dropping my arm. Rather than force myself to continue, I took a short break, I stepped outside and walked around for a few minutes and came back to my bow after 2 ends or so. The first three after this were a bit iffy – I could feel something was wrong, but only identified it as I unclipped my bow sling, I had put it over my hand and the grip rather than under.

As for why the difference between the two nights, the only explanation(s) I can come up with are..

1 – I put myself under more pressure to perform in front of my peers.

2 – I am more tired on a Friday night.

3 – I had less on my mind..Friday was an anomoly.

Or it could be a combination of all of the above.