more than men in tights…

eBay listing completed earlier than expected

As it’s raining on and off this evening I decided not to waste time & money driving over to the field only to again find myself the only one there.


Instead I have taken pics of the last item to be listed on eBay this time round and added it to the listing. Even as I speak the items are being uploaded to fleabay. I have said goodbye to them now, there is no going back. There is no reserve, so I won’t be left with them, they go for whatever the highest bid is.

Hoyt Ultratec

Toxonics 3515 sight

Beiter scope

Beiter longrod

Easton Navigator arrows

Tru-Ball Chappy Boss release aid

Another Sunday, another frostbite

This time nowhere near as cold.

Rolled up to the field at 10.30…late. Set up my bow, started shooting. Didn’t shoot well, got the odd ten, but mostly 7’s and 8’s, with the odd really bad one thrown in. I’ve forgotten my score, something in the 270-280 range.

As an argument for the defence, I was shooting arrows (Easton Navigator 610’s @ 29″) too stiff and shorter than the arrows I have been shooting indoors (Easton X7 1814s @ 29.5″)…so adjusted my clicker back…not perfect, but it will do until I get the time to sort it properly. There was a nasty gusting crosswind too…

Those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them. But on the plus side, I did shoot and I enjoyed it. I really must do it more often, time and tiredness allowing.

Next Saturday is a coaching morning, hopefully the person who coached me won’t be too angry if I’ve slipped.

Expense incurred

Well, in an attempt to cure myself of my issues – well some of them, I have purchased a set of 32# limbs. These will be installed on my spare riser – which I must get from storage and the weight wound down as far as it will (safely) go. Fortunately I (according to the woefully inaccurate Easton table) do not need to purchase new arrows, so that saved maybe £15…but even so..still a £60 day.

On the plus side, I managed to sell my PSE bow via scamBay….so am up on the day.