more than men in tights…

One down..

This morning arrived, I expected to peer out the window to see a wall of falling water and was pleased to not see one.

First port of call was the kitchen to make up some sandwiches. Part way through slopping mayo onto four slices I discovered that the crusts were furry…damn!

Had a bath, got dressed, loaded up the cooler with 4L of chilled water to which had been added some blackcurrant and apple squash & the bottle of water that had been put in the freezer overnight & a couple of 500ML bottles of Coke. However hot it would end up being, I was not going to run short of liquid.

Got into the car, switched on the Sat-Nav and away I went. About a mile from home the Sat-Nav hung. It wouldn’t return to menus, the power button did nothing. Image 00070Fortunately once I got close to the venue I remembered the way there.

Unloaded, signed in, set up – I snagged a position directly under a conker tree – shade and/or shelter, and found my target. Then there was a 45 minute wait until assembly….mmm…TEA!

When shooting did begin, we started in overcast conditions, the shade of grey lightening and darkening from time to time. There was some wind, but nothing much compared to some of the times I’ve shot.

It always looks a lot further when I’m on a strange field…

The first 3 Dozen (60yds) took nearly 2 hours to complete. I really didn’t do very well. After moving the bosses to 50yds we took lunch. Well, they did, I drank apple squash.

The 3 Dozen at 50yds were better, but not by a huge amount. I was shooting better than I did two weeks ago, but not massively so.

The 3 Dozen at 40yds were a different matter, I picked up 250+ points here. Not brilliant, but not as bad as it could have been.

Image 00077sml

In the end, my score for the day was 648. Somewhere close to 100pts less than I scored four years ago when I won my 2nd place medal. This represents a 42 point increase on two weeks ago. So progress, not huge progress, but I’d have been foolish to expect to jump straight back in.

The cloud cover was variable all day, sometimes it was sunny, but more often than not it remained mostly/completely overcast. The predicted rain? Well, aside from one or two very brief and light showers, the last being about 18 arrows from the end of the shoot, it remained dry until (as I suggested to someone as we were collecting in the light rain) half way through the raffle even then it was short lived and.

I won nothing in the raffle, I never do. The only thing I have ever got out of post shoot raffles is an interesting coloured stain on my white trousers – I washed them with raffle tickets in the pocket.

All in all a fine day shooting. Pleasant company and a day *NOT* sitting around doing nothing.

Two to go, the first next’s Windsor. I can’t wait.

Target list for the 1st of my comps has arrived!

nervous1Next Sunday, Target T….Waaaaah! I doubt I’ll be ready…but what the hell, it’ll be a day shooting. No names I recognise on the target list outside of my club, so no-one will know how badly I do…

I must get down to work for this.

Target list here on the Harlequin bowmen website (pdf).

I said I’d do it

and I have.

My Comet is on eBay, a 10 day listing, plenty of time to change my mind

The above image is linked to the listing…bid, you know you want to!