more than men in tights…

Goodbye beautiful….

I miss you, I’m sorry I let you go but I had no alternative. I know I didn’t pay you enough attention and I deeply regret that. My only hope is that you will find love and attention from your new partner.

Today I said goodbye to my ultratec. Wrapped up safe it was carried away by Parcel Force.

I never used it much, but I did love it. Compounds scare the crap out of me upon release. This is demonstrated by my release, I’m tense & nervous at full draw and the action is jerky..

Ah well, onwards and upwards…

Once I’ve sold all of the other things I’ve earmarked I’ll invest in coaching…if anyone reading this has coaching experience and time available..drop me a line, maybe we can come to some agreement.

Provisional target list & order confirmation

I have received a ‘provisional’ target list for the Crowthorne Long Nationals. I say Nationals because I will be shooting two, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Well, it seemed a good idea at the time!

I will be on the same target for morning and afternoon sessions, I suppose it saves me moving all my crap from one place on the field to another.

I have also rec’d an email from alt. sports to confirm my order and they suggest it will be in the post tonight…so all being well I will have it within the month – Royal Mail permitting.

is it worth the pain and effort?

I went to shoot tonight full of hope.

Boy! was that misplaced.

first 3 sighters were a group 998 just low of the centre.

it went rapidly downhill from there

I couldn’t concentrate, my mind was on other things, the competition I’m shooting next Sunday, having to go into work tomorrow, relationships, chatting & joking with others on the line, my back aching, anything but the shot.

The harder I tried, the worse my shooting got. I ended up nearly spearing the wall twice.

After less than 2 dozen I called it a night as I could feel frustration and anger welling up in me.

If it’s no better on Monday, there is no way I am travelling to Stevenage to embarrass myself (again).