more than men in tights…

Another Sunday, another frostbite

This time nowhere near as cold.

Rolled up to the field at 10.30…late. Set up my bow, started shooting. Didn’t shoot well, got the odd ten, but mostly 7’s and 8’s, with the odd really bad one thrown in. I’ve forgotten my score, something in the 270-280 range.

As an argument for the defence, I was shooting arrows (Easton Navigator 610’s @ 29″) too stiff and shorter than the arrows I have been shooting indoors (Easton X7 1814s @ 29.5″)…so adjusted my clicker back…not perfect, but it will do until I get the time to sort it properly. There was a nasty gusting crosswind too…

Those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them. But on the plus side, I did shoot and I enjoyed it. I really must do it more often, time and tiredness allowing.

Next Saturday is a coaching morning, hopefully the person who coached me won’t be too angry if I’ve slipped.

I got coached

This morning was the first of two coaching sessions arranged for the winter. They are both being run by the Berks & Oxfordshire coaching group….probably got the title wrong there..

Several coaches, one per two archers, two archers per boss and 3hrs. My coach for the morning was the very agreeable napolienne. My target mate was at various times a teenage boy, a victorian lady, Byron and other personalities.

Shortly after starting I was told that I’m not as bad as I think I am..possibly true.

We went quicly from shooting at faces to blank bossing, with only target pins as reference points…

Things we worked on? – without reference to the piece of paper.

Shoulder low / back tension
Give it some! – shoot like I mean it & other concentration ideas..another of the coaches told me I had vacant eyes…they say the nicest things!
Keeping my jaw closed
My release/string hand follow through
Positive thinking – rather than dwelling on what was wrong with a shot, what was right?

More by luck than judgement I killed two target pins..

When I *really* got it together, my groups would be tight, other times less so.

By giving me other things to worry/think about, I found that I was able to ignore my clicker and actually use it.

Thanks napolienne….I still don’t think I’m awesome…but I do have a brighter outlook now.

oh and I’m to buy myself an ipod….and shoot with it to cut down the distractions….

there is a standing invite to travel to oxford to shoot with her of an evening if I wish…outdoors in the cold…maybe not…

An exercise in futility

I shot again last night.

It was another night of high expectations and poor results. Rather than shoot at a target face, I made the decision to take a used face, fold it in four and shoot at the white side. I marked a largish cross and used that as an aiming point. Rarely did I trouble the cross, high, low, left, right and all combinations thereof were shot. Occasionally there were some that went in the middle, there were even occasions where there was a group. More often than not however there was a horizontal line of arrows.

I still haven’t cracked this damned clicker. And now there are people from two clubs who laugh at my attempts to shoot.

I need to find somewhere I can practice without having to release while standing up straight.

I am still getting a twinge in my shoulder from shooting. I don’t know if it’s the weight of the bow or because I lock everything up when aiming.

I can see what’s going/gone wrong on many of my shots, particularly those that fly *very* left of aim point. I am trying to get my arrow point through the clicker by pushing my left arm further forwards – and then round so I am torquing the bow towards the left. Perhaps those going right are me torquing the bow to the right to compensate? The up down thing is probably me drawing through the clicker and instead of releasing immediately creeping or over-drawing – still!.

I need to get this right. I need more practice, actually I need better practice than I am getting. I am not concentrating fully on the task at hand, I know this, there is too much other shit going on in my life at the moment. I am trying to use archery to escape from it and failing, and in the process not helping my archery one bit. I do not want to take another break from this, but is it inevitable, at least ’til I can devote all my concentration to it?