more than men in tights…


I went shooting taking only my quiver, bracer, sling and tab out of the car. My back ached a little after a day which found me moving and building desks but I HAD to shoot.

Tonight I used a 28# club bow, as simple as it gets, a wooden riser, wood/glass limbs, cheap sight and a stick on rest. A set of immensely long club alloys filled my quiver to be my projectiles for the night.

Two of my first six ended up on the grass, passing to the right, hardly surprising as I’d just pulled it off the rack, strung it and walked up to the line and started shooting at 30yds. Those were the only two that missed, over time I was starting to group them. Without the shakes introduced by a bow that I struggled to draw, hold and keep on target, I found myself enjoying it more. The simplicity of the set up allowed me to concentrate on shooting, there was nothing to adjust but the sight, just me and a glorified stick.

I must have shot 4 dozen, maybe more, not as many as I’d hoped for, but more than I managed last week and more comfortably. Next time I’ll shoot the same bow, I’ll do so for several sessions, then up the limb weight, maybe add a longrod.

In time I’ll be able to use my own bows without struggling, without beating myself up thinking I should do better or feel like I’m wasting my time.

Right, time to do other things, all being well I’ll throw some down the field on Sunday….

Well, that’s it for another year


Tonight was the AGM of Reading Archers, I was and remain the bowyer. I think more due to the fact that no other member wanted or put themselves forward for the position, or any of the other positions for that matter.

I guess this coming year will decide my fate as far as archery is concerned. If I don’t make a go of it now that’s it. The end.

I will be putting entries in for a few competitions/shoots over the summer, not in any expectation of ranking well, but more to get back out there. Assuming I have a car that works.

I guess the first step is to get a boss so I can draw at home without the worry that an accidentally loosed arrow will cause mayhem in the flat. Just as soon as the tax refund comes through.

I might sell some of my bows too, lack of space and lack of time make them surplus – not to mention lack of ability.