more than men in tights…

It’s gonna hurt in the morning

I have spent much of this evening with my (primary) bow strung. First thing was to check everything over…then on to drawing it up a few times…and then a few times more.

Over the evening I drew up and let down gently about 6 dozen times. Due to the ceiling being so low I was perched on the edge of a stool, allowing the top limb to clear the ceiling (and light fittings) most of the time. I suppose the next stage is to bring the boss I’ve owned on and off for 3 years in from the garage and use it.

Having put my bow together and played for a bit I have come to the conclusion I need to replace my strings, they are fraying…so where can I get a purple/silver bi-colour string from?

Targets (excuse the pun) for the season

1 – Enjoy my archery.

2 – Improve as an archer, but not at the cost of 1.

3 – Measure my ability and improvement against myself, not others.

4 – Shoot as often I can, but not to the point it feels like a chore.

5 – Enjoy my archery.


Last year, I spent much of my time at the club, but most of it revolved around club activities, beginners courses, have-a-goes, corporate evenings etc. by the time it came to shooting there were many times when I couldn’t be bothered.

I haven’t even factored in the time I spent ‘tuning’ my bow. I put tuning between apostrophes because after spending hours on it there was no real improvement. I’d have been better off just shooting.

Right. Enough for now…off to check my gear over – AKA dust it down.

It’s that time of year again…

When I pick up my bow and take to the shooting line to display my mediocrity.


Maybe I should shoot all year round…