more than men in tights…

More sucky shooting

Shot indoors again tonight.

Third full Portsmouth.

First time scored in 12 months.


I ache. My lower back, my left shoulder. both upper arms – and a headache to boot!

I was finding it increasing difficult to get a consistent draw or if I did, remain at full draw length.

Towards the end of the evening I was aiming over, predicting/estimating/guessing the amount I would forward loose.

I am tired of this.

It happened before I stopped shooting.

It’s happening now.

It’s not a strength thing. You’d never know it to look at me, but in the last 12 months I have been down the gym on a fairly regular basis, with emphasis – after consultation with one of the gym staff, on upper back muscle groups.

I can happily draw the 39# (weighed at an archery shop using and Easton scale). I just don’t hold it when I get the string back to my face.

I’m going to get some cheaper limbs (unless some kind person has some good quality ones I can borrow…no i thought not..) and use them to work on drawing and holding. Oh yes…and some *more* arrows…

So…I just need to find some cheap – preferably 2nd hand 28-32# medium limbs.

*sigh* it’s not easy being imperfect.

I’m not going to let this beat me again, I will persevere. Wish me luck!

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