more than men in tights…

Last night

I drove up to the club, got my for sale sign up…and then decided I actually couldn’t be bothered to shoot…it was horribly muggy.

This is all to the good really. The school had a barbeque, and several of the young attendees decided it would be a good time to fuck about in the woods at the end of the range. This is despite our asking, telling and finally shouting at them. In the end two of us went to keep them out of harms way, while one other went to have a word with the ‘responsible adults’.

Had a fiddle with a juniors bow, wound up the limbs and stuff…sold some arrows and went home….where I was sorely tempted, but restrained myself from buying stuff from bowsports..

The end.

How am I doing?

I’m kinda new to this blogging lark, having only really been doing a public blog for a few months (the older posts are from a forum journal I used to maintain). So I would like feedback – positive or negative.

I am getting a fair number of visitors, 341 unique visitors in a month to be exact, many of whom have visited several times, some of whom have opted to take the RSS feed.

Most visitors come from my shameless plugging of this blog on Twitter and forwarded on to my Facebook feed, in my defence, I’m not making money off you, no clickthroughs, no banner ads. The links on the left are not tracked, they are simply links to sites I use myself and have been happy with the service/info provided – do not use this as an endorsement of the retailers or products please!

What do you think of the site, what is right with it, what is wrong with it? What needs changing, how can I improve the look, feel and indeed the content?

Of the 341 visitors I have had 3 comments, two of which came from one source – thanks Jumile ;).

quillThis is a chance to tell me where I’m going wrong, how dull or interesting you find it.

I promise not to take it personally…well, not too personally :)


Hurrah….my first sale..

I sold my trad arrows….to the guy who shot them on Friday….so that’s some money in….which is something towards the boss I so desperately want.

Thanks for listening.