more than men in tights…

Target list for the 1st of my comps has arrived!

nervous1Next Sunday, Target T….Waaaaah! I doubt I’ll be ready…but what the hell, it’ll be a day shooting. No names I recognise on the target list outside of my club, so no-one will know how badly I do…

I must get down to work for this.

Target list here on the Harlequin bowmen website (pdf).

I said I’d do it

and I have.

My Comet is on eBay, a 10 day listing, plenty of time to change my mind

The above image is linked to the listing…bid, you know you want to!

I have venture onto eBay

forsaleTo sell some of the stuff I don’t, won’t use again or have never used.

This means parting with at least two bows, some stabilisers, arrows, sights, rests, release aids and possibly some arrow components – though these rarely raise enough to justify the listing cost. We’ll see how I feel when it comes to it.

First to go will be the Border Comet, a lovely bow, but traded in a moment of “I need that in my life!”. Since then I have shot maybe a dozen arrows from it.

Then there’s my Ultratec, I hesitate to say it, but I’d been thinking about getting a compound and then this one came along in purple/black fade and I suffered another moment of “I need that in my life”. Of course then I had to buy a rest, sight, scope, longrod, arrows, release aid(s), quiver, stand type thing etc etc.

pileofcashThis will bring in much needed funds and clear space for more stuff – NO! NO! NO! I must not even think that, because it will come true. Ask me what I’ll do with it when I have it…but eBay is a no-no. In all probability, towards repairs on the car or a replacement – depending upon the result of the upcoming MOT.

Must borrow parents camera to take pics of all of this stuff.