more than men in tights…

I rec’d two emails this morning


To tell me that I have spaces on the line at both the Harlequin Diana and the Yateley Windsor….now all it needs is a working car to get me there.

One thing at a time.

Oh..and practice.

Practice might help….but first car….

The deed is done

archery target

This morning on the way to the office I mailed off two competition entries for this outdoor season. One for the Harlequin Bowmen Diana, the other the Yateley Archers Windsor. This of course doesn’t mean I will have a spot made available to me, but I have made the best effort I can.

When I arrived at work there was an email from the club competition entry organiser asking for names for the Windsor at Windsor. I replied asking for my name to be entered for a spot.

These are three competitions I have entered previously, 3 seasons ago now. The Diana was my first competion and gave me my first medal when I came second in the Windsor round. My only other medal came from an indoor competition, a team medal for 2nd place in a FITA 25 round.

Am I looking forward to these? Ask me again in a few weeks when I may have shot for the first time since late September/early October.

First step is probably getting my arse in gear and getting to the club.

Well, that’s it for another year


Tonight was the AGM of Reading Archers, I was and remain the bowyer. I think more due to the fact that no other member wanted or put themselves forward for the position, or any of the other positions for that matter.

I guess this coming year will decide my fate as far as archery is concerned. If I don’t make a go of it now that’s it. The end.

I will be putting entries in for a few competitions/shoots over the summer, not in any expectation of ranking well, but more to get back out there. Assuming I have a car that works.

I guess the first step is to get a boss so I can draw at home without the worry that an accidentally loosed arrow will cause mayhem in the flat. Just as soon as the tax refund comes through.

I might sell some of my bows too, lack of space and lack of time make them surplus – not to mention lack of ability.