more than men in tights…

I am at a crossroads

I am undecided if I want to get back into archery despite everything, or give up, sell up and move on. I once loved shooting, I took every opportunity I could to get out and shoot anywhere for as long as I could, even if that was half an hour.

Then I hit a wall, I wasn’t improving. In fact, I was slipping backwards. Then things happened in my personal life that limited my time and my willingness to go and shoot, firstly competitions, then practice.

Now those issues are resolved, I have the time, but not the inclination. I still think about shooting quite regularly, but don’t seem to muster the energy to go and do it.

bossI keep thinking about buying a boss so that I can shoot at home. That said I’ve been thinking about it for a year or so and still not done it. The half baked plan is to shoot down the hallway, about 10yds or so. Due to the low ceilings I will not be able to stand, but i do have a stool that will allow me to half stand/half sit on it without bouncing my top limb off the ceiling.