more than men in tights…

It was a tad chilly

When I arrived at the field yesterday at 9.30am.

There was a frostbite planned, ten hardy souls, four bosses and seven dozen arrows. Oh yes, and bacon sandwiches.

The field was set up, tea and coffee distributed and away we went.

I was lucky in that a clubmate had returned some Navigators I had loaned her, so I had something to shoot in the wind that didn’t have 5″ feathers on them.

Since I had only shot these limbs indoors, I had no sight mark for 30M, the first arrow fell below and behind the boss, the second on the boss, but low, very low, third high and right…I got there in the end.

Then came the scoring arrows. I wasn’t sure what to expect, this was the first time I’d shot since the coaching morning several weeks ago. Would I remember what I was advised?

I was generally happy with my shooting, there were the odd few arrows that went horribly astray, at least two were down to the string contacting the sleeve of my sweatshirt.

When it went right, it went very right as evidenced by the 10,9,9,9,9,7 end I had, the 7 was high and slightly right. When it went wrong (aside from string catches) it went slightly wrong.

One thing I did notice was that towards the end of the shoot, my bow shoulder was starting to ache in the way that it always seems to. I was told what I need to do to stop this…and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.

Given that

  • I haven’t shot for 3-4 weeks
  • I was shooting arrows that are almost certainly the wrong spine and shorter than those I have been using indoors – thus the clicker was useless to me
  • It was fecking freezing
  • I haven’t shot seven dozen arrows in 18+ months

I am very pleased with my result, not last 😉