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About me and my bows

I have been shooting on and off for about 6 years now. In the main I shoot target (GNAS) recurve, but have dabbled with other disciplines including barebow NFAS field, compound, longbow and have added a horsebow and AFB to my arsenal.

I own two W&W Exfeels, one purple/silver, one in a custom paint – which depending upon angle of view changes from green to purple through teal. I have Winex (36#) and Inno limbs(38#), a pair of Spigarelli Carbon 30 sights, Beiter stabilisers and shoot Easton Navigator arrows ( X7’s indoors).

I also have a purple/black fade Hoyt Ultratec, with a toxonics sight, beiter longrod and currently (until I hit the boss each time) shoot Easton XX75s.

My longbow is dead now :(

My horsebow is a 50# thing, I shoot home made arrows from it…

My flat bow has yet to see a shooting field but one day!

Lastly, I have a PSE coyote for field shooting, this is a 62″, 45# recurve bow from which I lose, bend, snap and otherwise waste Easton X7’s. It’s not a bad bow, but needs a little damping to make it feel right. It’s also obviously a compound riser with recurve limbs bolted on. The main drawback with it is that due to the shortness of the riser, when shooting at close targets (20yds or so), the target needs to be put behind the upper limb pocket for the arrow to stand any chance of getting on the target.

And yet, with all the above ( not to mention all the niknaks that go with it) I am still very much a mediocre archer. My Personal Best for a Portsmouth (20yd, 5 doz, 60cm face) round is 538, which was shot last year.

I intend to improve, I would love to get coaching, but this is something that is not offered at my club. This blog is I guess , a diary of my road to better archery, both in style and following on from that, scores.

My main objective is to improve as a recurve archer, the other bows are essentially toys.