more than men in tights…

OK…so doing reps isn’t enough

So..Saturday saw me and a chum heading down to Quicks for the afternoon. My objective was to resist temptation and to shoot, his was to give in to temptation and to shoot. To those ends we were both successful.

To a degree.

I hung about for a bit as he started piling stuff on the counter he wanted bolted to his bow, then went to shoot some. The first few arrows were kinda all over the place, apparently spending so long together in a tube had made them want a bit of time apart. Over a few ends they started coming together again and my last end consisted of one arrow that was so averse to the gold it missed the boss entirely and buried itself in the wood frame.

Despite being able to pull off six dozen reps the other evening, the most I could do without horrible shakes was three, I guess holding at full draw takes it out of me more than I expected, either than that or I’m using the wrong muscles to hold there. Or both of course.

When I’d given up, not wanting to destroy the few arrows I have, I borrowed a bow scale from the shop – I’d left mine at home, along with all my other tinkering stuff, to weight my holding weight….39 and a bit pounds…no wonder it hurt….

On the subject of restraint, I bought myself some nocking points (for the new strings) and a spare arrow rest…..see…I was a good boy!

That wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped…

A bloody hot evening tonight, it was 106F when I left the flat. I arrived at the field with the intention of shooting a few ends at 80yds, then a few at 60yds – OK, I admit it, I was going to finish the Hereford I started on Sunday. Things conspired against me :(

As we were collecting after the second end someone we didn’t recognise arrived at the field. I went over and said hi, he asked if it was too late to join the club night. It transpired he was one of the new members from the last n00b course. So I kitted him out with a bow, stand, arrows, bracer etc etc and escorted him back to the line where I double checked with the Treasurer that he’d paid up etc. We had two there tonight from that course. Next came the handing out of shooting guidelines and signing a copy to our records. We seem to have converted a fair number of n00bs into members this year, we just have to see how many of these we still have in 2yrs time.

Anyway…back to shooting at last.

I shot 1 1/2 dozen at 80yds, missing once, wide left, putting two into the white at 9 o’clock. I noted that it was in all cases arrow 1, so this was removed from service…then I moved to 60 yds and did exactly the same, wide left, one every end.

So boys and girls, it’s not the arrow, it’s me that’s crap. Probably not helped by the facts laid out in a previous post. I grabbed the toolbox from the car as I have some 5/16 washers in there..but the damned things compressed as I tightened the button.

There’s nothing for it…I must buy the nut..what else should I buy ‘to make it worth it’? Suggestions? The only place I know that stocks them is Alternative and as I kinda need it in a hurry I should go there.

The last time I put one wide it took 30 minutes to find, so that was it for the evening.

I could have and should have moved over to the 20yd noob bosses and thrown some at them, if only to improve my somewhat morose mood.

Still, tomorrow is another day….and even shooting badly is better than not shooting.

Good morning campers!

I fell asleep at 9pm yesterday, woke at 3.30am, tried but failed to get back to sleep. Another big round today.

At 10.30 this morning I could be found setting up a boss at 80yds in preparation for another pop at a Long National round. I was to be shooting alongside another club member, who didn’t arrive until closer to 11.

I started off OK, and was doing OK until after the 3 dozen, when it started going decidedly average. I managed to wound the stand again, I’m pretty sure it won’t walk from now on, not with the holes I punched in both legs. Along with these two misses I also gave the astro-turfed cricket pitch a scare or two too.

My score at 80yds was quite a bit higher than yesterday, 71pts higher. Sadly my score at 60 was 28 points lower than yesterday. I really can’t blame the weather either. A lovely day, blue sky with high altitude horse manes of cloud and there was a gentle to medium breeze that veered course from time to time – but nothing that affected the arrows as much as my ropey loose and tiring arms.

I occasionally think that if I shoot the longer distances, the shorter ones will take care of themselves. This is true to an extent. It’s not entirely true, where it falls down is when I think to myself “I did OK at this last time” or “I’m not too bad at this distance”. I need to learn to keep my concentration, however close the boss is, however often I have shot the distance in question.

AARGH! I was doing so well up to that point.

its-not-how-good1Still I have increased my PB for this round – 387, I have shot another 2nd class score. With a little more practice, a little more faith and a lot more concentration it will come.

I will shoot again next on Tuesday evening, I am unsure if I will shoot a round again, or just throw some down at 80yds…I’ll consider it closer to the time.

On the downside, when I get tired, my arms achy, I find I revert to the method of clicker use I have just come from…or sometimes a mix of the two. This results in either the arrows falling low and left or high & right

I’m kinda rambling here…I shot a better round overall than yesterday, I went from a mediocre 2nd class score to a good one, only a few points short of my first 1st class score ever…yes, I know it’s nothing to celebrate yet. I need to shoot three 1st class scores (in one season – or is it calendar year?), or greater to be officially a first class archer.

I will, by the time I shoot the competition at the end of July have my 1st class title. It is an objective, if I fail it’s not the end of the world…but I will do my best not to (fail that is).